Speculative Package Design

Intern Project for SoS Ideas Creative Agency

Package design deliverables for Bisk Farm Brand products. 

Royal Cream

The brief was to create packaging and branding desings for a line of cream biscuits that were to be marketed as being a luxury variant of the classic snack

Draft 1
royal cream 2-01.png

The first Iteration of the package and branding were meant to convey the richness and "regality" of the cream biscuits, as purple and white are strongly associated with royalty. I also chose to use a damask pattern as the background to further strengthen the luxury theme

Draft 2
royal cream 3-01.png

The second iteration was much more focused on brightness, fun, and a clean, modern look


Indian shelves, especially  for biscuits, tend to be dominated by bold primary colors. Red overwhelmingly features in packaging color themes. For this reason, I chose the pale pastel tones below to stand out as a different type of product, and be visually clean even at a distance.

RGB 201,240,255

RGB 255,130,155