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Ivy League E-Sports

Logo Design

This project was a series of logo designs made for esports teams that were being formed by several of the Ivy League Schools. The initiative to create the esports league was headed by Brown University, and as the lead designer for the Brown team I designed these logos for the other schools.

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brown club logo-02.png

This logo was designed for the "Gaming Club" aspect of the Brown Esports team. The logo was meant to appeal to people who would be interested in a casual gaming club but not a professional competitive team. What was interesting about this process was that the name and identity of the club was being determined concurrently with my design, so every decision the eboard made about the club affected my work. 

Asset 4.png
Asset 3.png
Asset 2.png
Asset 1.png

These are some examples of other designs and names considered by the e-board

Cornell University

Cornell Esports logo 1.jpg

I decided to base the design on the unofficial bear mascot of Cornell, "Touchdown the Bear". The bear motif is also used by most Cornell athletics clubs.  


"Touchdown", 1987

Princeton University

I stuck with the mascot theme, rather than try to adapt the logo into something with a

video-game theme. I felt that a team logo should exemplify the spirit of the team, not the nature of the sport

Princeton Esports logo 1.jpg

Princeton Tiger

amherst mammoth logo-01.png

Amherst College

For this design, I decided to keep the existing logo and adapt it into a old-school varsity patch.


Amherst Mammoth Logo

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